Bongs – A Quick Info To Know More About It


A bong or also known as a billy, bing, moof or water pipe is a kind of filtration device that is used generally to smoke tobacco, cannabis or any other herbal substances. In a bong, the gas is flowing from the lower part on left to upper port on the right.

In regards to the function and construction of a bong, it has a resemblance to a hookah except for the fact that it is smaller and more portable as well. A bong can be constructed from water and air tight vessel by means of adding a bowl as well as stem apparatus or slide which is used to guide the air downward to below the water level hence it bubbles upward during use. In order to get the fresh air into the bong and be able to harvest the remaining smoke, a hole or also called as “carburator”, “carb”,”rush”, “shotty”, “choke”, “bink” or “kick hole” somewhere on the low part of the bong above the water level is covered first throughout the smoking process and then, it’s opened in order to allow smoke to be drawn into the person’s respiratory system.

As a matter of fact, the word bong is basically an adaptation of Thai word bongs or Baung which means a cylindrical wooden tube, container or pipe cut from a bamboo and which also referring to the bong used for smoking. The water is able to trap heavier particles and the water soluble molecules which can then prevent them from entering the airways of the smoker. The mechanics of the bong are being compared to those of laboratory gas washing bottles. The user then puts their mouth at the top of the bong and places the cannabis or whatever substance they’re using the tube.

Oftentimes, bongs are typically made either of plastic or glass that use a stem, bowl as well as water to be able to produce smoke. Once the bowl has been packed and the water has been inserted inside the bong, the substance will now be lit and smoke is drawn through the water in order to produce smooth smoke compared to other smoking methods available.

In order to smoke a bong, the smoker should inhale in the bong so the bubbles containing the smoke will start to come from the stem. As soon as the bong has fair amount of smoke that has built up, the stem is then separated from the bong and all the remaining smoke goes into the lungs of the smoker.

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