Features of Tobacco Bongs


Bongs also are known as hookah are instruments that are used to smoke tobacco or marijuana. A bong has a single or multiple stems that are used to smoke. The vapor or smoke of either tobacco or cannabis is passed through a glass basin and inhaled by the users. Smoking tobacco or cannabis through a bong offers a better high than combusting the two without water. Bongs have been used through many centuries. People who use them express improved satisfaction during smoking.

The use of the hookah was original form Persia. It then spread to Egypt where the mechanism was perfected and adopted worldwide. Use of bongs or the water pipe as they were popularly known, has been the favorite for more than two thousand years. The designs and materials used to make the bong have evolved. The one thing that has remained constant is the water pipes. Bongs come in different shapes and sizes. Examples include the beaker bongs, straight tubes, perc bongs, heady bongs and the recyclers.

Bongs have their distinct features. They include removable or fixed, a different body design and an ice catcher. The ice catcher is used to cool the smoke and provide the smoothest hits. Water pipes are available in various sizes depending on the diameter of the common sizes on the stems.  It is essential to pay regard to the water pipes because they deliver the smoke to the user. Glass bowls and ash catchers are other accessories which make up the bongs. The angles which the ash catcher are put at are also necessary. Joints on the stem are supposed to be at forty-five degrees.

The items which are consumable using the bong include tobacco and cannabis. The most common is tobacco. Commonly known as shisha in a local joint, shisha is a mixture of tobacco syrup, molasses, glycerol to add moisture and finally different flavors. Shisha comes in various flavors which include guava, lemon, apple, mint and various fruit base flavors. None-tobacco bases shisha is available in places where smoking of tobacco is not allowed.

Bongs use charcoal as the source of energy. They produce heat that is transferred to the bowl to generate smoke. Coal used in bongs is hard, having high density, easy to burn and burns for an extended period. If a bong has been smoked for a long period the smoke inside is considered stale. The stale smoke is undesirable and causes a choking feeling. For some the use of a glass pipe is beneficial as well. You can find the top 10 here  – http://coloradohighlifetours.com/glass-pipes-top-10-best-for-2018/


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