Tobacco and Cannabis Bongs


Water bongs are an improvement over the traditional smoking pipes by filtering the dry tobacco or cannabis smoke first using water. Using a bong to smoke tobacco or cannabis first requires that the base of the pipe be filled with water. The cannabis or cannabis mixed with tobacco, often known as ‘mulling up’, is then packed into a cone on the side of the bong and lit up. The herbs heat up, and the smoke produced travels up the pipe to the water chamber. In the water chamber, the smoke passes through the water, and it is cooled, then trapped in the air chamber above the water. Users usually place their mouths on the mouthpiece to inhale the cooled smoke.

Many users believe that bong is safer because of the water. They are convinced by mostly friends that the water removes all the tar and other carcinogenic substances from the smoke, thus reducing the risks that are associated with smoking. This theory is thought to be true because of the color change in bong water which is often a dirty color, which makes them think that all harmful particles have been filtered. However, the truth of the matter is that it removes very little of the tar present and any other harmful material. The bong water becomes dirty due to smoke particles and other materials. Bongs mostly filter out more of the compound that makes you feel high (THC) than they do the tar. Therefore one has to smoke more to get the desired effect.

Use of bongs forces these drugs deep into the lungs exposing lungs to more tar and other toxic substances, without necessarily increasing the effect a smoker was anticipating to feel. So contrary to what many people believe, someone does not get more effect from using a bong. Know more about water pipes at

Most bongs are made from glass, plastic and even aluminum. Glass bongs are much safer than plastic and aluminums bongs because they don’t give off toxic fumes like these other two. Most glass bongs are made by professionals while bongs made from aluminum or plastic are mostly homemade because these materials are available in every home. To avoid inhaling more toxic substances from the herbs and the material used to make the bong it is better to use a glass bong, preventing more health risks. Bongs are not the safest way of smoking even if it might be cheap. If you have to smoke, use vaporizers because they are safer.


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